vbg rgb hrSMLRS Ltd are an original equipment service centre for VBG.

We can supply and fit several different types of drawbar couplings to suit many applications and chassis alterations can be carried out at our premises in South Molton. These include the tapering of rear overhang or movement of cross members to allow fitment of drawbeams and end plates.

We generally fit a complete VBG system which includes couplings, drawbeams, end plates and bolt kits, all of which are tested and type approved by VBG. We also offer a specialist fabrication service for the manufacture of end plates should the need arise.

Some spare parts are available from our stock at South Molton but alternatively most parts are available overnight from VBG's warehouse in the UK, provided they are in stock.Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Services Mounting Plate

Drawbar Eye Lock

Endplate kits

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Endplate kits - The endplate kits are designed to be partially or completely underslung with VBG’s range of drawbeams. See description for each endplate. Some of the endplate kits are adapted for mounting of underrun protection.

Underrun protection

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Underrun protection - VBG has a complete range of underrun protection for trucks and trailers. The system of safety beams and endplate kits is adapted to most of the types of vehicles, frame widths and installation requirements to be found on the market.

Drawbars by VBG

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Automatic Drawbar 26-80000 - VBG´s drawbars is made from a small number of parts, is light-weight and yet strong. Lengths can vary (dependent on which drawbar used) between 1,2-4,5 m with a c/c dimension of between 700-1300mm.

 Power Plugs by VBG

 VBG Couplings


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DB 260D - VBG's drawbeams are adapted for al types of trailers. The drawbeams can be mounted centrally in the chassis frame, or completely or partially underslung by means of VBG's range of endplate kits.


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Air mechanism - The air mechanism AM is a flexible, all in one solution that takes up little space – perfect if you need a power assisted coupling for inaccessible and confined spaces. The mechanism has a single-acting diaphragm cylinder with a simple function for opening and closing by means of a powerful spring.

 Drawbar eyes

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Drawbar eyes - VBG has a complete range of drawbar eyes. They are available in bolted, flanged or welded types, and most with replacable wear bushings for economy and comfort.