We currently have stock of Bandvulc remould tyres suitable for agricultural use sizes listed below.

We are being asked for larger sized tyres to cope with the poor ground conditions which haa been seen this year and we are now able to also offer 'Nokian' tyres; we already have several sizes in stock but others are available to order.

Please phone Alan to discuss your requirements, he will be able to offer you many tyre options.

We can also do wheel and tyre deals, often from stock.

We stock the following tyres :-

445/65x22.5 (18Rx22.5) In new road pattern & agricultural remoulds

445/45x19.5 In new road pattern & agricultural remoulds

435/50x19.5 In new road pattern

385/65x22.5 In agricultural remoulds of which several patterns are available

285/70; 265/70 & 245/70 In 19.5" agricultural remoulds

215/75x17.5 In agricultural remould tyres.