At SMLRS we having always used top brand lubricants for many years, this was  originally 'ELF' supplied by 'Hookins' in Bampton. When 'Hookins' finished we carried on buying 'ELF' from another supplier, until it became difficult to get supply.

We were then offered 'Castrol' from an alternative supplier. 'Castrol' a premium brand known to everyone. After a few years we were offered to become a 'Castrol' service agent. We now sell predominantly 'Castrol' lubricants unless unable to get the exact specification of lubricant for a specific vehicle. One of our customers has recently bought some new Volvo trucks which require a VDS 4.5 engine oil, 'Castol' do not currently have this product so we have bought 'Shell' another brand name product.

Alan our managing director has a keen interest in 'Motorsport', specifically 'Rallying', for many years sitting in the passenger seat as a navigator. Alan has recently bought an 'Historic' rally car, a bright orange 1972 Hillman Avenger, being fairly sad it's been named 'Joanna', a feisty lady with a bit of spirit. This car has a few trick elements which run on 'Castrol' lubricants. Therefore we have 'Stock' of some special oils required for 'Competition' cars such as 'Castrol' high performance brake fluid; Limited Slip differential oil ; Fuel addative etc. Should you require any products along these lines call 'Alan' @ SMLRS will be pleased to supply you.