Over the last couple of years we have gradually increased our 'Haulage' fleet. As the vehicles are updated they will all become white with our SMLRS logo across the front, they have 'Alan Lock' across the top, as many of Alan's friends & business associates are not aware he has them.

SMLRS works closely with 'British Wool' collecting bags of wool from farms in Somerset;  Glostershire; Wiltshire; Hampsire and West Sussex, bringing the wool back to the 'British Wool' depot at South Molton for grading. Recently we have been hauling some of the graded/baled wool from the South West to Bradford. We are sometimes looking for return loads from the Bradford area, we can often take the odd pallet up.

SMLRS operates a few 32 Tonne 8x4 Steel body tippers, often seen hauling mud away from building sites. Most of our tippers are fitted with 'On-board' weighing equipment, we want to operate legally ! But having weighing equipment fitted also offers the customer 'Best value for money' as we run up to the legal wieght.

Our oldest tipper is currently a 2010. We also have 66 & 67 plate 'Mercedes', with another new truck due in March 2019.

As the seasons change we haul lime to farms throughout the South West, Alan's local knowledge becomes invaluable ensuring the farmer usually gets the lime where its actually required.

SMLRS also supplies 'Bedding Sand' for farmers to use in their cubicles, using delivered on one of our 8x4 tippers, we can get to most places.

Having a 'Machinery' trailer allows us to transport nearly anything, whether it's a broken down truck or our own 14 tonne 'Hyundai' excavator.

Finally, in the yard we have a tractor unit fitted with a crane, usually seen taking trailers for MOT. We do NOT specialize in lifting but will often do a local job.